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  • Engineering, Architectural and Professional Construction Jobs in Dubai

  • Dubai is a country that is constantly building new structures, which explains why a quarter of the world's construction cranes are currently being operated there. From building the world's tallest skyscraper, The Burj, to the biggest and best Dubai hotels, the construction industry is a growing field and always looking for new employees. Anywhere from project manager to laborer or interior designer, a construction job in Dubai may be the perfect place for you.

  • There are many companies in Dubai searching for the best person to recruit for many of their on-going projects. One company has over 50 projects scheduled to be built over the next five years, from Dubai shopping centers to apartment complexes. It is the perfect opportunity for someone looking for a job in Dubai who has the experience in construction, architecture or engineering. As an added bonus, during the time you are working in the Emirate your employment will be tax free!

  • Many of the building jobs in Dubai have permission to employ people all day and all night, which means some of the construction jobs have shifts. This allows for more available positions, and better payment opportunities depending on the shift differential.

  • Engineering jobs in Dubai are an important part of the construction industry because Engineers are needed in almost any project from oil and gas production to the construction of a building or road. The demand for Engineers will never go away because Dubai's ambitious Sheikh is always imagining new opportunities to build an even bigger building or to add to the list of their architectural wonders.

  • Another high demand opportunity is architectural jobs in Dubai. Architects are the reason Dubai has some of the most unbelievable structures in the world such as the Rotating Time Residences and the Hydropolis Hotel Dubai. Every day they are coming up with new outrageous ideas, such as the world's largest shopping mall, the Mall of the Emirates, and Dubailand, the world's largest amusement park. All these unique projects need Architects to design them as well as engineers and other construction professionals to build them.

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