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  • Great Opportunities for Medical and Nursing Jobs in Dubai

  • The healthcare industry is a booming field for any medical professional looking for a job in Dubai. Dubai hospitals offer great living conditions, salaries, benefits and are very generous with leave time. They also pay for your ticket to the country and when you leave, and give an end of contract payment. Several hospitals also pay for Dubai housing either by giving their employees a monthly allowance or by offering apartments specifically for their staff. Some of the high demand medical jobs in Dubai are physicians, orthopedic surgeons, pediatricians, nurses, x-ray technicians, dentists, and physical therapists.

  • Finding a nursing job in Dubai has become very popular with nurses around the world. You will be working in state of the art medical facilities where you will have the opportunity to expand your professional knowledge and learn from the experiences you will come across. A Dubai nursing job not only means spending your time working in some of the best hospitals and clinics around, but also experiencing the culture and lifestyle of a very unique Arabian city.

  • The Living is Fun and Easy in Dubai

  • As a nurse or medical professional living in Dubai you will never be bored. There is so much to do and see! From the fantastic local shopping to amazing desert attractions found nowhere else in the world, Dubai has plenty of great places to play at the end of the work day. Dubai Ski is an indoor ski resort, in the middle of the desert! There are tons of winter activities to participate in such as skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing. For an activity a little less extreme, you can travel to Dubai's traditional Souks for some shopping and bargaining for items that range from gold jewelry to spices.

  • Dubai Healthcare City is a project by the Government of Dubai whose goal is to create a regional center of excellence for medical services and education, as well as research and development. The project creates an opportunity to develop Dubai's native healthcare management, education, and research. Located in this city are medical teaching institutions, private hospitals and clinics, pharmaceutical offices, research centers, as well as spa and rehabilitation centers. It also includes some residential villas, 5-star Dubai hotels and apartments, all designed to help promote medical tourism in Dubai. Dubai Healthcare City is expected to fully open in 2010.

  • Medical Tourism in Dubai

  • Medical tourism is a term used to describe the practice of traveling overseas to receive medical treatment. Dubai has become a popular destination for people searching for medical procedures outside of the US. There are many reasons why it has become the place to go for medical tourism. Dubai's medical facilities have been built to be on a par with the facilities in the US or UK and the cost for treatment is fairly low. There is not a lot of waiting time for your treatment and you can always count on having the best quality doctors. The doctors and most of the medical staff speak fluent English, which allows for good communication to make sure everyone's needs are met. Whether you are looking for jobs in the healthcare field or a location for a medical procedure, Dubai's the place to go!

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