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  • Exciting & Tax Free Jobs in Dubai

  • The team at Dubai Vacation Trips is dedicated to bringing the latest developments in Dubai to the attention of our readers. The Emirate of Dubai has a rapidly growing economy, mainly due to the many enormous real estate and commercial developments that have sprouted up over the years. The current Sheikh of Dubai has been the creative and motivating force behind many of these vastly ambitious projects. All these architectural wonders, Dubai luxury resorts, man-made islands like The World Dubai, and harbor improvements continue to require massive amount of man-power.

  • Almost unimaginable man-hours of skilled and unskilled labor have poured into Dubai’s many commercial ventures and the demand for qualified candidates to fill a wide variety of jobs in Dubai continues to grow dramatically. Dubai job opportunities are most prevalent in the skilled labor, technical, and professional positions. A great many vacancies for jobs in Dubai exist in the Engineering, Nursing, Teaching, and Marketing fields. One of the compelling reasons for choosing a job in Dubai is that job income is completely Tax Free!

  • A Booming Economy Leads to Incredible Dubai Job Growth:
  • So many new resort communities and convention centers have sprung up that Exhibition design, building, and marketing jobs in Dubai have seen a steep increase. Professional Dubai jobs in the booming construction industry include experienced Project Managers, Architects, Civil Engineers, and highly skilled tradesmen such as electricians, carpenters, and plumbers. The new Dubai resort communities are looking for experienced banquet managers, hotel concierges, and hospitality professionals.

  • Healthcare and Nursing jobs in Dubai are booming. With the surge in the population and a growing percentage of high income residents, Dubai has discovered the need for improvements in both basic medical services and cosmetic procedures. Coming soon, the Hydropolis Hotel, the world’s first underwater hotel, will house an exclusive cosmetic surgery clinic. The American Hospital in Dubai seeks nurses and physicians from the U.S., Canada, and Great Britain to fill their many medical jobs in Dubai. Medical and nursing specialty jobs in Dubai, such as intensive care (ICU), dialysis, or oncology, experience a great deal of vacancies and these positions usually offer tempting incentives such as paid housing, vacations with paid airfare, sign on bonuses, and full health benefits.

  • Professionals and Skilled Tradesmen Wanted:
  • High level executives are sought after in Dubai with corporations opening new offices in the rapidly growing Emirate. Banking jobs in Dubai are also on the rise, with new branches seeking every employee from teller to VP of Financing. Experienced IT professionals will find plenty of jobs in Dubai. Systems analysts, network specialists, web developers, and software engineers will all find Dubai jobs easy to come by.

  • Salaries for skilled and professional employees in Dubai are comparatively much higher than other places in the world. Even though the price of Dubai real estate is on the rise, affordable housing can still be found in both the heart of Dubai City and the outlying suburban areas. Dubai’s corporate recruiters often have set aside fantastic housing for the employees they entice to fill high level jobs in Dubai.

  • Some unskilled labor jobs in Dubai can still be found, but the market for these has become much more competitive in recent years. Dubai experienced a huge influx of migrant workers over the last decade and a half from other Arab countries, Southeast Asia, and Eastern European countries. Large commercial development firms and construction companies recruited so many foreign laborers for unskilled jobs in Dubai that a surplus now exists in the country that competes with native Emiratis for jobs.

  • Opportunity of a Lifetime:
  • Dubai has so much to do and see, with the amazing Mall of the Emirates and Ski Dubai, the UAE’s first indoor ski resort. The man-made Palm Islands and The World Dubai are incredible feats of land reclamation and civic planning that have to be explored if given the opportunity. Dubai is home to the tallest building in world, the Burj Dubai, and the only 7 star Hotel on the planet. This is a country rich in both tradition and promise and the prospects for jobs in Dubai should continue to grow for some time to come. With so much happening in this bustling Arab nation, the decision to work in Dubai could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

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