• The World Dubai: A Manmade Archipelago of Private Islands

  • Another unique development is the archipelago of manmade islands known as The World Dubai. International development firm Al Nakheel, also responsible for The Dubai Palm Islands, is the mastermind behind this lucrative Dubai real estate venture. The World Dubai is made up of 300 islands that form a map of the world and is the brainchild of the Sheik of Dubai.

    Since The World Dubai project began, several celebrities have been linked with the islands. The ruler of Dubai presented an island as a gift to seven-time Formula One World Champion, Michael Schumaker when he won his final Grand Prix in 2006. It is widely believed that British celebrities Rod Stewart and David Beckham have bought Dubai World islands. Motley Crue drummer, Tommy Lee, announced that he is purchasing the Greece Island for ex-wife Pamela Anderson and their children.

    The World Dubai collection of islands comes in a variety of sizes to encourage development of all kinds including, fantasy resorts, luxury hotels, residential communities, and private island estates. The developer describes The World Dubai as a blank canvas for developers to paint their vision of sea, sand, and sky upon.

    An inconceivable amount of sand has been reclaimed from the ocean to form The World Dubai Islands. Each individual island ranges in size from about 14,000 square meters to 42,000 square meters with an average of about 100 meters of water between them. The entire Dubai The World development will span 9 km in length and 6 km in width, surrounded by an oval breakwater island. This real estate venture gives Dubai another 242 km of coastline.

    The World Dubai project comes with a $US 14 billion dollars price tag. Private islands range in price from $US 15 to 45 million dollars. The project begun in 2004 and, as of October 2007, almost all land reclamation is complete. Over half the islands of The World Dubai have been sold.

    This Dubai real estate project is designed for the investor looking for a truly exclusive and opulent island experience. The World Dubai Islands are sold as plots containing both land and water areas. The developer can use all of their imagination to reshape the islands and create unique landscape features such as private beaches, coves, harbors, and marinas, by merely moving the sand within the designated zoning regulations. This "Terraforming" allows the developers to sculpt their own unique environment within The World Dubai.

    Boats are the major transportation within the Dubai World Islands with sea plane or helicopter as the only other means of access. Individual island marinas have been developed specifically to serve the residents' boating needs. Public and commercial marinas offer boat charters and leases and larger marina areas service The World Dubai resorts. North, South, East, and West "hubs" are the focal points for Dubai The World's shopping, financial, and transportation services.

    The various islands of The World Dubai are divided by purpose into high density, medium density, low density, estates, commercial, resorts, service hubs, and transportation hubs. The designation of high, low, or medium refers to the degree of residential population density the island is developed for. Estate islands are located along the outer perimeter of The World Dubai to allow for maximum privacy and large, open waterways. Most commercial islands, which are home to lovely restaurants and trendy shops, are located near the various hubs of The World Dubai.

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