A Guide To Dubai’s Nightlife

September 15th, 2010

The nightlife in Dubai rivals some of the best cities in the world, with a variety of club and bar styles. Dubai has several laws regarding nightlife, including a drinking age of 21, and nightclub entrance is only granted to those 25 and older. Be sure to check all laws and regulations before heading out.

Expect to pay about 50-100 Dirhams, with one Dirham being about 0.27 US Dollars, for normal entry into most clubs, which sometimes includes a drink or two, but most bars do not have an entry fee. Definitely ask about any kind of drink specials, which many places have throughout the week.

Be sure to make Thursday one of your nights out, considering it is the most popular, with Friday being a close second.  Women tend to be favored in the Dubai club scene, especially on Thursday’s and Friday’s when they are often let in while men are not, and in many cases women are granted free entry at clubs, while men will have to pay.

 If you prefer more of a swankier scene, be sure to call ahead of time because most of the upscale clubs have a list that you must make a reservation to be on. And you definitely want to be on that list, because if you aren’t, you will most likely not be granted entrance into that club.

Need somewhere to relax after your night out on the town? Take a look at some of Dubai’s luxury hotels.

Some of the hottest places to go in Dubai

Atlantis: a popular club with a modern and lively décor

Champions: a great sports bar located at the JW Marriot

Irish Village: one of the few places in Dubai where you can drink without having to go to a hotel, has an authentic Irish pub feel

Planetarium: many think it’s the best club in town, but has very strict regulations

Scarlett’s: located at the Emirates Towers Hotel, great place to go for an after work or after dinner drink


Want more information on Dubai’s great nightlife? Check out our full page about Dubai’s clubs and bars.

Irish Village

Luxury Without Limits: Dubai Focuses on Special-needs Tourism

May 18th, 2010

When planning a vacation, many families must consider the needs of a disabled family member. The Middle Eastern Emirate of Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing has taken an exceptional interest in special needs tourism to ensure that all visitors experience each and every one of Dubai’s attractions.

Handicapped Sign Dubai

You’ve Landed in Dubai. Now What?

Before stepping foot on the sultry sands of this Arabian land, many travelers journey through the Dubai Airport.  Families of disabled tourists will find convenient accommodations to facilitate travel. First, there is free valet and self-parking to handicapped-designated vehicles and 24-hour wheelchair accessible transportation to and from the airport.

Inside, the airport offers wheelchair-accessible check-in desks, boarding gates, restrooms, lifts and water fountains. Visitors escorting special needs travelers may be issued passes to get to departures without hassle. Officials from the Department of Civil Aviation are on-call to help with personalized requests at any time.

Getting Around Dubai

Once out of the airport and into this desert playground, tourists must find their way around – whether it is to check in at the 5-star Kempinski Hotel, to shop at the Mall of the Emirates, or to sightsee at the Jumeirah Mosque. Transportation can be complicated with a special needs tourist in tow, but not on this vacation. Dubai Taxi is a wheelchair-friendly mode of transport – they just require a call in advance and will meet tourists wherever, whenever with specialized vans. Handicapped accessible taxi

For travelers who prefer to drive themselves, the Dubai Police will issue a temporary license and parking tag to visitors from most countries driving a handicapped-designated vehicle. Call ahead to make arrangements with the police prior to your trip. Dubai also offers many places to rent special-needs equipment, like wheelchairs and walkers, all over the city.

Most hotels, like the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, are wheelchair accessible, equipped with wide entrances and restrooms as well as elevators – just call ahead to make sure before booking a room.

Special Needs Accessible Tours, Attractions and Shopping in Dubai

After the transportation is taken care of, it’s time to enjoy the trip of a lifetime. Dubai has many wonderful cultural, historical and natural attractions to take in – most are accessible to every tourist.

North Tours offers wheelchair-accessible desert safaris, a Dubai City Tour and the Dhow Cruise upon request. Orient Tours, a sponsor of the Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality (SATH), boasts personalized services from guides and vehicle operators in all of their tours and safaris.

Handicapped Accessible Safari Dubai

Most of Dubai’s popular cultural sites, like the Dubai Museum and Heritage and Diving Villages, offer wide entrances and wheelchair -accessible restrooms and parking. The same goes for most of Dubai’s bustling shopping centers, like the Al Towar District’s Al Bustan Centre and the Mall of the Emirates. Dubai’s beaches, like Al Mamzer Beach Park; children’s attractions, like Children’s City; and the gorgeous Zaebeel Park in central Dubai are all special-needs friendly.

Explore More

This is just an overview of Dubai’s willingness to accommodate each and every one of its millions of tourists each year. Check out the rest of www.DubaiVacationTrips.com to plan your trip. Many of the attractions listed on this site are equipped to take care of disabled tourists.

Dubai on the Rise: Top 3 Up-and-Coming Wonders

January 13th, 2010

Nestled in the heart of the Middle East, the Emirate offers tourists a surprisingly decadent oasis full of coastal beauty , innovative wonders, and fascinating Dubai attractions. Dubai’s transformation from a mere coastal town into a giant, yet beautiful, metropolis continues to gain the city worldwide attention.

The Apeiron Hotel

An innovative resort stretching from the sky to the sea

Plans are in the works to add a second Dubai 7-star hotel to their collection of resorts. Borrowing its name from a Greek cosmological theory about an indefinite source from which everything in the universe originates, The Apeiron is designed to burst with originality. The island resort is still in conceptual phases, but the familiar Dubai luxury and technology are evident even in the designs.

The Apeiron (World Architecture News)

Some of the hotel’s features include:

  • 438 suites
  • Underwater restaurant
  • Butterfly jungle
  • Helipad and sky reception
  • Spa
  • Health club
  • Underwater lagoon

Dynamic Tower

An 80-story, multipurpose building that generates energy

This revolutionary skyscraper with independently rotating floors would combine the Emirate’s lavish tendencies and Dubai’s architectural superiority with new eco-friendly technology. Although still a concept, the tower is designed to not only power itself, but provide five other smaller buildings with energy, as well.

Dubai’s dynamic tower, designed by Dr. David Fisher, introduces an entirely new element into 21st century architecture: time. Each floor will be able to move at different speeds and in different directions.

The tower will be 80 floors with each section of the building having a unique purpose:

  • Floors 1-20: offices
  • Floors 21-35: luxury hotel
  • Floors 36-70: residential apartments
  • Floors 71-80: luxury villas

Dubai Hub One

A cultural center designed to be the heart of the Middle East

Already equipped with some of the best shopping in Dubai, Studio Nova has proposed that Dubai build a hub for the United Arab Emirates where individuals could take in culture the same way they consume goods.

The building itself was designed using computer algorithms and special programs that transform space in both futuristic and productive ways. The hub will allow Dubai cultural attractions to be centrally located in one place.

The cultural hub will provide individuals with a space for:

  • Galleries
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Meeting spaces

Learn More!

Dubai is one of the fastest-growing tourist spots in the world, and there is always something new on the horizon. For more information on new and exciting additions to Dubai, visit www.dubaivacationtrips.com and come back often.

Lavishly Unique: A Look at Top Star Hotels of Dubai

November 9th, 2009

From breathtaking sunsets on the beaches of your hotel’s private island to skiing down the slopes of the world’s largest indoor ski resort, fantasy takes over reality on your Dubai Vacation. Discovering the beauties and wonders of a charming ambiance on the man-made islands in the Persian Gulf should be a top priority for your next vacation. ‘Unique’ may be the best way to describe the unprecedented hotels that can be found on the shores of this world-wonder.

The Hydropolis Hotel in Dubai

The fantasy Dubai underwater hotel is as notable as it sounds. This incredible conception has been designed to cover 27 acres with three unique sections, providing guests and visitors an experience that is literally groundbreaking.

Hydropolis, as it will be called, will rest in the majestic waters of the Persian Gulf, and will structurally be one of a kind. A wave shaped Land Station will welcome guests, a Connection Tunnel will escort guests by train through a crystal clear tunnel looking out at the undersea world, and a Submarine Leisure Complex shaped in the form of a jellyfish are the unique engineering aspects that will entice travelers around the world to visit this distinctive hotel. This one of a kind idea adds another compelling reason to consider Dubai the 8th wonder of the world.

The Burj al Arab Hotel

Burj al Arab Hotel Dubai

Water and fire sculptures light up this exclusive Dubai 7 star luxury hotel as the warm sunny days turn to lively evenings. The only 7 Star Dubai hotel in existence,this is a one of a kind marvel regarded as one of the top hotels in the world. Not only does it nearly reach the sky, it is also the tallest hotel on the planet. With its statuesque shape (a flying sail!) and the exceptional services provided, the Burj al Arab rests on its own island in the tranquil Persian Gulf water. 

Dubai’s Kempinski Hotel

If you’re looking for the slopes of Colorado, the warm breezes of the Caribbean, the endless shopping that Paris has to offer, and all the luxuries of a 5 Star Beverly Hills hotel, the Kempinski Hotel Dubai serves it all up with elegance.

Mixing old world charm with new age technology and adventure, the Kempinski is located in the tax-free, huge Dubai Mall, and is a perfect spot for multiple vacation tastes. Located right next door is the world’s only indoor ski resort, Ski Dubai. Guests can enjoy a flavorful local coffee brew on the Kempinski’s verandah, and later let the warm Saharan winds take you towards these impressive Dubai sites.

Kempinski Hotel Dubai


This archipelago of islands may lack the history of Europe, yet it offers peace and tranquility while creating its own story for the books. With some of the most intriguing innovations in the world, Dubai is ranked among the top destinations to explore. The manmade World and Palm islands are full of character and the breakthroughs are worth discovering for yourself.

For every kind of information about Dubai hotels and vacation attractions, as well as job opportunities and living in the UAE, visit www.Dubaivacationtrips.com and come back to see us often!

Eco-Tourism in Dubai, Experiencing the Natural Beauty of the Region

July 9th, 2009

Natural Beauty in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is most famous for the majestic emirate of Dubai but when most people think of desert nation, they often forget the beauty of the land far before there were skyscrapers and entertainment centers.

Dubai enjoys an arid subtropical climate, with blue skies and sunshine all year round. It makes for the perfect weather to be outdoors and experience all that the Middle East has to offer. The hottest months are between June and September whereas the coolest time is between December and March. There is very little rainfall in Dubai, but when showers do fall it is mainly in the cooler months.

Birdwatchers Have a Rare Treat in the Region


For birdwatchers, Dubai has something really special to offer, a tidal wetland right in its backyard. The city skyline forms a beautiful backdrop for thousands of flamingoes, herons, ducks and shorebirds. The birds feed and rest on the mudflats on their migration between Asia and Africa. Within one hour from Dubai live some of the region’s rarest species that inhabits the deserts and mountains. Over 400 bird species have been seen in the United Arab Emirates and it is possible to find nearly 200 of them during a short stay in the country.

Plan to go on a Sightseeing Tour that Showcases the Natural Beauty of Dubai

There are several excursions that visitors to Dubai can embark on to see the natural beauty of the region. It is recommended that you check with your hotel concierge for times and to make reservations. The Department of Tourism also recommends that to best enjoy your sightseeing adventure you wear short-sleeved shirts or T-shirts, light cotton trousers, shorts, sun hat and light walking shoes.

Dubai offers visitors year-round sunshine and five-star luxury hotels plus the adventure of a unique Arabian Experiences. As a place of fascinating contrasts, a distinctive blend of modern city and timeless desert Dubai is the world leader in tourism attractions, both natural and man-made.

Experience Year Round Winter Sport Fun at Ski Dubai

July 9th, 2009

The First Indoor Ski Slopes and Resort in the Middle Eastern Desert

Ski Dubai is the first indoor ski slopes and resort that features real ski conditions in the Middle East. The breath-taking snowscape is truly a site to behold if you visit the U.A.E. Visitors are astonished as they walk into the Ski Dome, which is kept at 28-30°F, some 70 to 80 degrees cooler than the outside temperature which peaks at 110°F in the summer time.

Patrons can go skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing and ubing – in real snow, which many natives to the region thought it would be impossible to do. The mountain resort themed center makes it another very unique attraction in Dubai.

The dome covers an amazing 200,000 sq. feet of ski area, and is covered with real snow all year round. Ski Dubai is related to the Mall of the Emirates and is not much different when it comes to breaking tourist attraction and entertainment records around the world.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai Offers Snow Sports for Everyone

Ski Dubai reports that they have five runs that vary in difficulty, height and gradient. The longest run is over 1200 feet with a fall of over 196 feet, which sure to excite any ski-lover. The indoor ski center is so well engineered that skiers of all levels can have fun at Ski Dubai. The slopes allow you to test your skills on the world’s first indoor black run or practice your turns on the gentle beginner slopes. Skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels will enjoy these various slopes and snowboarders can also practice their stunts in the Freestyle Zone.

World’s Largest Snow Park is Great for Kids

Kids and parents like will have fun in the interactive Snow Park, which at well over 30,000 square feet is the largest indoor snow park in the world.

One feature that makes visiting Ski Dubai convenient is that you do not have to bring your own ski and snow clothing and equipment. Ski Dubai knows that they are a unique type of experience in the desert region and they offer patrons winter clothing and ski and snowboard equipment. As with traditional snow slopes, there is even a chairlift and tow lift that promptly carries guests back to the top for another run.

Ski Dubai 

Enjoy the True Ski Experience with Themed Cafes and Restaurants

The fun at Ski Dubai does not end at the slopes. Guests can enjoy coffee and tea at the St. Moritz Café at the entrance to Ski Dubai, and Avalanche Café at mid-station, with views of the slope. The exclusive retail shop, Snow Pro, has expert staff to advise you on your equipment needs and Ski Dubai offers professional Snow School instructors who will guide you through the simple, fun process of learning to ski or snowboard.

Price of a Ski Lift Ticket Gets More Value than Traditional Ski Resorts

Included in the price of the Ski Dubai lift ticket is:

Rental of quality equipment and clothing

Qualified professional instructors

State of the art ticketing system

Changing areas with locker rental

Private kids’ party rooms

Exclusive retail shop – Snow Pro

St Moritz Café and Avalanche Cafe

Ski Dubai Guarantees Patrons a Truly Unique Snow Experience


Even if you live in a region that experiences snow fall, the experience at Ski Dubai will surely be unique. Skiing year round in comfortable 30°F is what many professional skiers consider perfect. The dome has a full capacity of 1500 guests and works to cater to corporate and group bookings. At any one time Ski Dubai is housing over 6000 tons of snow that is produced and monitored by a very efficient insulation system.

Ski Dubai is a must visit attraction when visiting Dubai. For more information about tourist attractions and resorts in Dubai visit www.dubaivacationtrips.com

Dubai Takes Shopping and Entertainment to New Heights

June 4th, 2009

The Dubai Mall is officially the world’s largest shopping mall.

The Dubai Mall

Located in downtown Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, the Dubai Mall has a total internal floor area of 5.9 million square feet which houses 1200 stores and a remarkable 14,000 parking spaces. With its cavernous space, this architectural feat is not limited only to the typical mall features of shops and restaurants; the Dubai Mall of the Emirates houses some of the best entertainment attractions in the world.

Dubai Night Life Shines with Lights, Sounds and Water

Every night the mall showcases the Dubai Fountain; an entrancing performance of light, music and water on the Burj Dubai Lake, unlike anything seen in Dubai before. This water show has already gained international recognition in the artistic world and is a favorite among mall goers. Exhibiting the U.A.E.’s cultural beauty and traditional attraction, the mall also features a Dubai Souk, and the world’s largest indoor gold souk. The souk will house a collection of over 220 gold and jewelry retailers.

The Dubai Water Fountain at Night The Dubai Water Fountain

Dubai Mall Offers Patrons Access to the Burj Dubai, the World’s Tallest Building

The Burj Dubai

The Dubai Mall also features something that no other mall in the world can offer. High atop one of the world’s most dynamic cities is one of the world’s most extraordinary experiences. The Observation Deck at Burj Dubai, the tallest building in the world, allows you to view all of the U.A.E. on the 124th floor and it is fully accessible from the Dubai Mall.

The Middle Eastern Gem of Dubai is Home to a Spectacular, World Renowned Aquarium

The Dubai Aquarium

Another truly unique feature in the Dubai Mall is the focal centerpiece – the Dubai Aquarium.  With one of the of the largest tanks in the world, the Dubai Aquarium will have more than 33,000 living animals, representing more than 85 species from every ocean’s coastal reefs and deepest abyss, including over 400 sharks and rays.

Dubai Aquarium’s 270-degree glass walkthrough tunnel makes for incredible close-encounter experiences with some of the most fascinating underwater animals on the planet. A special ‘lunar-cyclic’ lighting system will change the ambience of the tank depending on the time of day. It is an amazing site to see as you pass through glass walkways in the action of the marine life.

A World Class Cinema Experience Waits at the Dubai Mall

Inside the Dubai Mall Reel Cinemas at the Dubai Mall

Perhaps the most anticipated attraction is the newly opened Cineplex. Reel Cinemas, the U.A.E.’s largest cinema complex, features 22 screens and a seating capacity of 2,800. The highlight of the Dubai Mall Cineplex is the introduction of the Hollywood Chic design concept, which assures a modern cinema experience.

The seats are ergonomically designed with the widest legroom for utmost comfort, while the overall ambience is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour intelligently blended into contemporary interiors using modern materials. The sound and projection system are world-class with THX certification, and the digital theatre experience also includes 3D presentation.

The Dubai Mall is the region’s premier shopping, lifestyle and entertainment destination and an unforgettable stop on a Dubai Vacation adventure. With more than 1,200 stores of infinite variety, hundreds of eateries and a host of world-class attractions, The Dubai Mall is revolutionizing the modern shopping experience.

Dubai Fights the Economic Crisis the Dubai Way: By Enticing More People To Come To Dubai

April 14th, 2009

Several months ago Dubai’s economy was considered to be in a state of free fall. While many around the world shrugged their shoulders unconcerned, many foreigners fled the United Arab Emirates. When things slowed down and Dubai was able to get their bearings, they decided to pick up the pace again. Lucky for Dubai, they have somewhat of an economic buffer… a lot of oil. Although their oil accounts for only about 6% of the total revenue in the Emirate, it is enough to give stability to that region to remain economically sane and keeps ugly words like “recessions,” “depression,” and “bail out” out of their vocabulary. Dubai Real estate and construction account for about 26%. Logically, Dubai needs two things: people to live in Dubai and things to build to keep people in the Emirate and keep Dubai job loss to a minimum. To make their economic hiccup even less difficult, Dubai has about 12% of their gross domestic product (GPD) invested in tourism, which is about $1.9 billion of economic activity. The only way to keep their largest economic earners earning is to keep people coming to Dubai.

Travelers Prices Plummet, but Not Dubai Flights

So, again, following the direct path of logic, Dubai simply made it easy and cheap to get to Dubai. Starting on June 1st there will be inexpensive flights flying from Beirut to Dubai. With Beirut being a major hub airport, the government is hoping that these cheap flights to Dubai will drive more and more people to the Emirate.

Despite the international plummeting numbers of air travelers in February, the Middle East saw a 0.4% increase. Not much of an increase but compared to the 10% decline felt everywhere else in the world, I would be happy with 0.4% any day.

Dubai: Construction without Moderation

This is Dubai’s first budget airline, and could very possibly  be the first ‘budget’ Dubai has ever had. The city saw a meteoric rise, with hugely ambitious projects like the Burj Tower, Atlantis, the Dubai Palm Islands, and the World Islands. Dubai obviously does not believe in building in moderation. Some projects have been completed, but many others are waiting for another economic boom in the region so that construction can begin on the Underwater Hydropolis Hotel and the immense sports stadium city.

There is too much potential in Dubai, a blossoming luxury and architectural capital of the world, to let the fickle economy dictate what gets built and when. The Emirate of Dubai may have been on shaky ground long enough for skeptics to smirk, but with the logically sound plan of using their money to build and make more money they are securing their position as a top world city. Their ability to grow in unfavorable economic times is securing their longevity as a top world vacation destination.

Dubai Palm Islands: World’s Largest Man-Made Islands

July 28th, 2008


Dubai is known for wanting and creating the biggest, the best and the first of everything, and the construction of The Palms is no different. The Dubai Palm Islands are the world’s three largest man-made islands being built off the coast of Dubai. Also known as “The Eighth Wonder of the World,” the Palm Islands will create a large number of residential, leisure, and entertainment areas.


The project is being handled by Al Nakheel Properties. The idea was first announced in May 2002. It took four years of planning and studies to make sure the project would not disrupt the environment. The first phase of the project was transferring sand and rocks to create the islands. There are three islands included in this project: The Palm Jumeirah, The Palm Jebel Ali, and The Palm Deira.


All together, the Dubai Palm Islands will support more than 60 luxury hotels, 4,000 exclusive Dubai villas, 1,000 unique water homes, 5,000 shoreline apartments, marinas, water parks, restaurants, malls, sports facilities, health spas and cinemas. Visiting The Palm Islands is a must for a truly unforgettable Dubai Vacation.



The Palm Jumeirah is primarily a retreat and residential area for living, relaxation and leisure. The island consists of a trunk, a crown with 17 fronds, and a surrounding crescent island that forms as a breakwater. Residents began moving into their Palm Jumeirah properties at the end of 2006. This was the end of phase one of construction, which includes 1,400 villas and 2,500 shoreline apartments. Eight of the 32 hotels have begun construction, including the Taj Exotica Resort and Spa and the Atlantis, The Palm.


The second island, the Palm Jebel Ali, started construction in October 2002 and is expected to be completed in mid 2008. The island is expected to accommodate 1.7 million people by 2020. The Palm Jebel Ali is 50 percent larger than the Palm Jumeirah, and will include six marinas, a water park, homes built on stilts above the water, as well as boardwalks that circle the fronds of the palm inscribed with letters that spell out an Arabic poem by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.


The last island, the Palm Deira, was announced for development in October 2004. Once completed, this will be the world’s largest man-made island. The island is eight times larger than the Palm Jumeirah and five times larger than the Palm Jebel Ali and is expected to house more than a million people.



The Dubai Palm Islands are just one of the many amazing Dubai attractions this unique Emirate has to offer. For more information on all of the other eccentric buildings and projects being constructed or to learn about places to stay and things to do while on your Holiday to Dubai, visit www.dubaivacationtrips.com.


‘Hop On & Hop Off’ Double Decker Dubai Bus Tour!

July 14th, 2008

A great way to enjoy all of the amazing sights and unbelievable Dubai attractions is by taking a trip on the Hop on & Hop off Bus Tour. This tour is the perfect way to start out your Dubai vacation, to find out where everything is and which attraction you want to spend more time at. A trip on the Hop on & Hop off Tour will be an enjoyable and memorable part of your holiday to Dubai. Enjoy two tours for the price of one, the Red Route, which is the City Tour, and the Blue Route, which is the Beach Tour. From the Burj Al Arab hotel to the traditional Dubai Souks, you will have the opportunity to see all of the incredible Dubai attractions that make up this unique Emirate.



Riding in an open-top double decker bus, you will be taken to 23 of Dubai’s most famous attractions. Buses depart from each stop approximately every 30 minutes and they run from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. The tickets include a free two-hour beach tour, free entry to the Dubai Museum, free entry to Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum’s house, a free Wafi City advantage card, free walking tour and a free daily Arabian Dhow Cruise. There is no hotel pickup or drop-off included in the tour, just go to any one of the Dubai attractions on the routes to be picked up and start from there! Each tour has live English commentary and the tickets are valid for 24 hours.



The City Tour will bring you to ten of Dubai’s attractions where you can explore the city and the many shops, bars and restaurants in the area. For some traditional Dubai shopping, hop off at the Gold Souk and experience what shopping used to be like! The Wafi City Mall and the Burjuman Mall are two stops to do more shopping, as well as grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants. The Beach Tour is the other route available which includes 13 different stops. This tour will bring you to a variety of beaches such as Jumeirah Beach Park, Oasis Beach Hotel or Sheraton Beach Hotel to relax and lay out. A few other stops are the famous Jumeirah Mosque or the Mall of the Emirates which also has Ski Dubai, the indoor ski park.



When planning your Dubai vacation, make sure to set aside a day for The Hop on & Hop off Bus Tour, the perfect way to explore the entire city and all of its magnificent sights in one day. For more information on lots of other great Dubai attractions or to see what else this exotic Emirate has to offer, check out www.Dubaivacationtrips.com.