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  • Dubai is known as the 'Shopping Capital of the Middle East'. The rapidly growing economy of Dubai has made the emirate a shopping Mecca for visitors from around the globe. World class shopping is one of Dubai's greatest attractions. Local shopping is divided into two major types-the traditional Dubai Souks and the huge, new shopping malls centered around Beniyas Square, Al-Rigga and Al-Hiyafa Road.

    Dubai is being developed at an increasingly rapid pace, with new commercial and residential developments popping up on a daily basis. As each new Dubai real estate venture comes to pass, new shopping havens blossom around them to support the new residents and visitors looking to spend their money on designer clothing, up to the minute electronics, and all the toys the burgeoning middle and upper class could wish for.

    The Dubai Mall of the Emirates, the largest shopping mall in the world, is now open for business with over 1,000 shopping outlets, restaurants, and entertainment complexes.Dubai does not charge sales tax, another boon for the world's shoppers. The Dubai airport is also a shopping paradise, with some of the best duty-free facilities in the world. The best values at the big malls are designer clothes and electronics. Excellent Dubai holiday bargains can also be found on local goods such as carpets, Bedouin jewelry, and souvenirs.

    The Dubai Shopping Festival, held from January to February, and Dubai Summer Surprises, held in July and August, are two massive shopping extravaganzas. All the big stores and almost all shops in Dubai slash prices during the festivals in an incredible retail orgy. All Dubai shops and malls are closed on Friday mornings according to law. Other than this requirement, Dubai's malls have very generous shopping hours.

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