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  • The Souks: Dubai's Traditional Markets

  • The rich and bustling atmosphere of Dubai's traditional Souk is a must to visit for every Dubai holiday. The Souks are located on both sides of Dubai Creek in Bur Dubai and Deira. These traditional Arabian markets provide visitors with the atmosphere of Dubai in the years before oil was discovered in the Emirate.

    One of the most famous is Dubai's Spice Souk on Al-Sabkha Road, a market place rich in exotic aromas and teeming with locals bartering for the best prices. The Gold Souk offers fantastic bargains on gold necklaces, rings, charms, and bangle bracelets. Gold prices here are among the lowest in the world. The gold Souks are very strictly regulated by local law and there is little chance of being ripped off in terms of quality. Prices do vary greatly and bargaining is an essential and well established practice in the Souks. This is the place for bargains on your Dubai vacation adventure.

    Other traditional markets include the Fish Souk with local fisherman haggling for best prices on mountains of fresh fish, and the Electronics Souk, which seems ironic as a "traditional" market, yet still offers the bartering and bustle of the rest of the Souks. The Emirate is filled with huge modern malls, yet it is the Souks that truly represent the traditional Dubai shopping experience.

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