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  • Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House (Museum)
    Port Rashid, Dubai

  • Sheikh Saeed's 1896 house was built in a commanding position overlooking the sea so the ruler could watch the shipping activity of the port. Sheikh Saeed was the grandfather of the present ruler of Dubai and his official residence has been renovated as a historic museum. This Dubai attraction is a unique example of regional architecture. The Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House is built around a central courtyard with layers of rooms and elegant wind towers surrounding the hub.

    In 1986 the ambitious restoration project was begun and has since won a coveted award from the Arab Cities Organization for the conservation of heritage buildings. The Sheikh Saeed Museum has fully resumed its former glory and has become a major center for the preservation and promotion of Dubai culture and history.

    Sheikh Saeed's House is a showcase of Islamic art and building design. The two story house features high vaulted ceilings, arching doorways, and intricately carved trellis screens. On the ground floor a large meeting room, living rooms, storerooms, and kitchen open onto the central courtyard. Upstairs several bedrooms and balconies overlook Dubai Creek with spectacular views of the city. Four elegant wind towers, the world's oldest form of air conditioning, surround the fašade of the house, and cool the interior during the hottest desert days.

    The museum displays paintings, lithographs and art objects that reflect the early development of the Emirate of Dubai. Rare photos, coins, stamps, and historical documents are also to be viewed at the museum. For visitors interested in the history of Dubai and Arabian architecture, Sheikh Saeed's House is an important cultural attraction.

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