• Jumeirah Mosque
  • Contact: The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding Tel: 04 3447755

  • The Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai City is a stunning example of Islamic architecture and the most photographed building in the city. The city's largest mosque, it was designed and constructed closely along medieval Fatimid lines. The mosque is built completely of stone. Its two soaring minarets are unmistakable and add a dramatic mystique to the Dubai skyline. This revered Dubai attraction is particularly attractive at night, when subtle lighting brings a warm glow to the stone producing awe-inspiring visuals and a sense of the divine

    Jumeirah Mosque is unique in Emirates in Dubai, since Non-Muslims may visit the mosque with organized tours. In most cases, only Muslims are allowed to enter the mosques of Dubai. The mosque is open 24 hours daily and admission is always free to this house of worship. Regular tours are available several days a week at 10am and private and evening tours may be arranged.

    The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding coordinates and organizes the tours of Jumeirah Mosque. Their Open Doors/Open Minds program has been instrumental in promoting awareness of Islamic culture and creating an openness that encourages Non-Muslims to freely ask questions about the Islamic faith and the life of the mosque.

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