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  • The Dubai Museum in Al Fahidi Fort is a must to visit for every Dubai holiday. The museum is housed within the magnificently restored Al Fahidi Fort, originally built in 1787 to defend Dubai City against invasion. A diverse collection of culturally oriented exhibits provides insight into the rich history and heritage of Dubai.

    Renovated in 1971, the Dubai Museum is home to vivid life-size dioramas depicting everyday life in Dubai in the days before oil was discovered in the emirate. The museum's galleries recreate scenes from Dubai Creek, the main water course running through the city. Recreations of traditional Arab houses, Islamic mosques, and the bustling atmosphere of the Dubai Souks, the local old world markets, are displayed here.

    Exhibits highlighting the operation of the local date farms; the rich life of the Arabian Desert; and the bounty of marine life in the Arabian Gulf offer the visitor keen insights into the geography and wildlife of Dubai.

    One of the most magnificent exhibits in the Dubai Museum features the emirate's local history of pearl diving, which was a main source of commerce before the advent of World War I. Pearl merchants' weights, scales, and shieves are all on display for the public. The museum's collection of ancient artifacts dates back to the third millennium B.C. and includes objects recovered from grave burials and village excavations in Dubai. No Dubai vacation is complete without an exploration of the Emirate's history and culture.

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