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  • Time Residences Dubai: A Solar Powered Rotating Tower in Dubai

  • The Time Residences Tower is an innovative rotating tower in Dubai with its 360 degree rotation completely powered by the sun. This rotating building in Dubai is under construction at this time and will be home to another 200 incredible Dubai luxury apartments and penthouses. Although another building is in construction with rotating penthouses, The Time Residences in Dubai will be the very first fully rotating tower in the world. The Dubai rotating tower project was begun in early 2007 and is estimated for completion in 2009.

    The Dubai rotating tower developer, Dubai Property Ring, is looking to create a truly unique architectural contribution. According to Director Tav Singh, the goal is to offer "a precious place to live.a genuine contender to be one of the great buildings in the world." The developers' aim is to create an eco-friendly environment that promotes an uncluttered, calm, and healthy lifestyle. Used water from this uniqe Dubai attractionis recycled for landscaping irrigation and communal areas are also solar powered. The rotating tower in Dubai will be the model for 23 more solar-powered buildings, one in each time zone of the world.

    The rotating Time Residences Tower in Dubai will feature one and two bedroom apartment suites, as well as duplexes and tripslex penthouses. An open air observatory and theater sit on the roof top with a music lounge directly below. This rotating building in Dubai is circular in shape and apartments are formed like slices of pie. The curved 14 meters of glass on the outer wall allow for continuously changing panoramic views of Dubai City.

    Each luxury tripslex penthouse is located at the very top of this rotating tower in Dubai and each takes up one quarter of the floor. The lower two floors are for living space and feature the most expensive in decorative details. Sliding doors and walls allow residents to adapt this space to suit the occasion or their whim. The Dubai rotating tower penthouse features a gym, an infinity spa bath, sauna, bar, and cinema. The top floor is filled with a magnificent full sized infinity swimming pool where water and sky meet in open air.

    All apartments in this residential Dubai hotel tower offer master chef kitchens, SMART design innovative home technology, adaptable mood lighting, a safe and breathtaking balcony, flexible living spaces, and a bathroom with recessed plasma TV for long, hot soaks. Of course, endless panoramic views are included with every residence.

    The rotating tower in Dubai was designed by Glenn Howells Architects of the UK, along with Palmer and Turner, who are also developing the surrounding community known as the City of Arabia. Rotation of the building will be handled by British engineer Nick Cooper of Bennett Associates, who also designed the massive drill machine for the English Channel Tunnel. Overall management of the project is in the hands of Dubai's Kulkarni QS.

    A unique time line runs down the building meeting 12 o'clock markings at the ground level, allowing visitors to view the building as a functioning time piece. The very slow rotation of the Time Residences Tower allows an ever changing view from each apartment unit. Every day the building moves exactly 51.43 degrees, or 0.63 meters per hour. The curving floor-to-ceiling windows offer 14 meters of panoramic view looking out on the ever-changing cityscape of Dubai and the brilliant Persian Gulf.

    A central 30 story steel and concrete core is being built on the Jumeirah Beach site of this rotating tower in Dubai. The rest of the Dubai apartment building is being built in a factory in separate apartment and penthouse modules that will then be assembled onsite at the rotating tower Dubai. The modules come complete with all plumbing, electrical, and air conditioning, allowing for construction to happen in record time with a greatly reduced amount of manpower on site. This solar-powered Dubai apartment complex is now offering its units for sale to qualified buyers.

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