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  • The Burj Dubai Tower: The Tallest Building in the World

  • The emirate of Dubai is home to yet another architectural wonder, the magnificent Burj Dubai Tower which, when completed in late 2008, will far surpass its competition as the highest building structure in the world. Construction on the Burj Dubai began in 2004 and it is expected to open for occupancy in the fall of 2009. Originally, the contractor had planned the Burj as a 90 story building. It was the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum that inspired the company to "resist the usual [and] build a global icon" that would far surpass the tallest buildings on Earth.

    As of July 2007, the Burj Dubai Tower has now surpassed the Taipei in Taiwan as the World's Tallest Building. It has also surpassed the CN Tower in Canada as the World's Tallest freestanding Structure of any kind. Already the Burj measured 141 stories and 512 meters in height. The final planned height is being kept a strict secret due to competing building ventures, yet figures released by a project contractor suggest a total height of about 818 meters with 160 usable floors. When pressed for more precise figures, the contractor would only say the Burj Dubai will measure over 700 meters and be the tallest structure in the world, by any measure, when complete.

    The Burj Dubai was designed by American architect Adrian Smith and is a joint construction venture of several international companies led by Emaar Contracting. The design is derived from patterns found in Islamic architecture. The Burj Dubai's tripsle-lobed footprint is an abstract reproduction of a Dubai wild flower. The Dubai attraction is composed of three basic elements surrounding a central core. A spiraling pattern forms as the Burj reaches toward the sky and the skyscraper gradually tapers inward to a graceful finishing spire.

    A Y-shaped floor plan allows maximal views of the Persian Gulf. The Burj Dubai exterior will be covered with reflective aluminum and steel panels to repel the fierce desert sun.

    The unparalleled interior will be decorated by the incomparable Giorgio Armani. The Burj Dubai Tower will house the very first Armani Hotel with 175 guest rooms on the lower 37 floors. The Armani Residences, 144 exclusive luxury apartments, will sit above the hotel on Burj Dubai floors 45 through 108. According to Emaar, these Dubai luxury apartments were completely sold out within eight hours of the offering. The Armani hotel will feature its own private spa, restaurants, and exercise rooms.

    Residents of the Burj Dubai Tower enjoy a host of upscale amenities including a private resident's lounge, four swimming pools, spas, world-class restaurants, vast exercise facilities, and a cigar club, as well as exclusive corporate and residential suites, many designed by the one and only Giorgio Armani.

    Corporate offices will take up most of the remaining floors above the hotel suites, except for specially designed exceptions. The 123rd floor of the Burj Dubai will house a massive guest lobby. The Burj skyscraper's indoor/outdoor observation deck resides above the lobby on the 124th floor. A lovely gradual-entry swimming pool takes up the 78th floor of the Burj Dubai Tower.

    This remarkable feat of architecture will feature the world's fastest elevator with a speed of 40 mph (18 m/s). The Burj Dubai will have a total of 56 elevators, many of them double-decker models that can carry 42 people at a time.

    The amount of raw materials, such as concrete and steel, which have gone into building the Burj Dubai is almost inconceivable. The foundation alone required 110,000 metric tones of concrete. The majority of the Burj Dubai structure is made from reinforced concrete. Special mixtures of concrete have been developed for the Burj Dubai to withstand extreme pressure from the tower's weight and the fierce desert temperatures that will constantly work upon the structure. The building was designed to withstand both high winds and seismic activity. When completed, the Burj Dubai skyscraper will have required 330,000 cubic meters of concrete, 39,000 metric tons of steel rebar alone, 142,000 square meters of glass, and an incredible 22 million man hours of labor.

    The Burj Dubai is being constructed directly in the heart of the planned community of Downtown Burj Dubai. This 500 acre development is home to residents who live, work, and shop in this modern Dubai community. The world will continue to watch with anticipation as the Burj Dubai Tower strives to reach the sky and bring out the wonder in all of us.

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