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  • Hydropolis Hotel Dubai: The Fantasy Dubai Underwater Hotel

  • The incredible Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort is the conception of designer Joachim Hauser of Crescent Hydropolis Holdings, LLC. This fantasy Dubai underwater hotel is the very first of its kind and rests 20 meters below the waters of the Persian Gulf, just off the shores of Jumeirah Beach. The Hydropolis project aims to conquer the last true frontier on earth and is scheduled for completion in 2009. In addition to the underwater hotel's guests, the company anticipates over 3,000 visitors per day.

    The Hydropolis Dubai is designed in three distinct sections: The wave-shaped Land Station, where guests will be welcomed to the underwater hotel; The transparent Connecting Tunnel, where guests will be transported by train to the main hotel areas; and The jellyfish-like Submarine Leisure Complex, offering 220 luxury suites, entertainment and dining facilities.

    The architect of the Hydropolis Underwater Hotel envisioned an organic structure that would mimic the flow and function of the human organism in building design. This Dubai underwater hotel covers 27 acres and is unique in every aspect. The Hydropolis Dubai's two translucent bubble domes break the water's surface and are home to a concert auditorium and a ballroom. The ballroom features a retractable petal-like roof for special open to sky events. Bubble-shaped suites are another unique Hydropolis feature with clear glass comprising the sleeping area walls and bathtub!

    The upper stories of the Hydropolis land station offer a unique array of facilities, including a cosmetic surgical clinic, a marine research lab, and conference rooms. Lower levels house the staff rooms, goods storage and loading areas, along with the hotel and parking areas.

    "Hydropolis is not a project; it's a passion," enthuses Joachim Hauser. The architect sees the oceans as the future of cities on this planet and Hydropolis Underwater Hotel as the next logical step in this evolution. His vision is to develop a space where even people who do not dive or swim can appreciative the beauty and diversity of the world's waters. Many marine-themed elements will be included in the Hydropolis Dubai development including ocean-themed cinema offerings and a children's sea world that will both educate and entertain.

    The land on which the Hydropolis Hotel is being built belongs to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, and was the last free property on the Dubai coast. The Sheikh has been the driving force behind the majority of massive development projects being undertaken in Dubai, including the Dubai Palm Islands, Dubai The World, and the Burj Dubai. The architect states "This venture could only be born here in Dubai," owing to the adventurous, dynamic spirit of the country today.

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