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  • The Emirate of Dubai in recent years has become an eclectic blending of burgeoning economic growth with old world Islamic culture. The current Sheikh has been a powerful force in driving the massive Dubai property development ventures that have literally changed the face of this tiny desert country.

    The Tallest, The Biggest, Most Luxurious, One of a Kind-these are the words that describe the Dubai mindset towards achievement today. With so many exotic real estate developments, Dubai 5 Star luxury hotels, and unique entertainment complexes, Dubai has become the most rapidly growing tourist destination in the world, especially for the rich and famous.

    The manmade Dubai Palm Islands have effectively doubled the usable shoreline of the country and are home to expensive private villas, vacation resorts, and Dubai 5 star hotels. Dubai showcases the world's tallest hotel, the world's tallest building, the first underwater hotel, the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East, and The Dubai World Islands, a group of 300 manmade islands shaped like a map of the Earth.

    The team at Dubai Vacation Trips has researched the many attractions and accommodations of this dynamic vacation destination for our visitors. With so much growth happening in Dubai, we could all use some assistance in planning the perfect vacation. Dubai Vacation Trips sorts through all the information, gathers insightful reviews, and presents visitors with the most luxurious, unique, and fun-filled things to do and see when visiting exotic Dubai.


dubai palm islands, the islands in dubai, dubai islands
  • Dubai Palm Islands:
  • Dubbed the Eighth Wonder of the World
  • The remarkable trilogy of man-made Palm Islands in Dubai has been proclaimed by many to be the "Eighth Wonder of the World." Conceived and created by Al Nakheel Properties, each Palm Island grows out of the coast of Dubai in the Arabian Gulf and is built from an immense quantity of sand imported from the surrounding deserts and the sea floor...
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Burj al arab hotel in dubai, dubai hotels
  • Burj al Arab Hotel:
  • The one and only Dubai 7 Star Hotel
  • The flying sail of the Burj al Arab Hotel Dubai rests upon its own island connected by a causeway to beautiful Jumeirah beach on the coast of Dubai. This magnificent Dubai landmark is the tallest hotel in the world and largely regarded as one of the very best. In the evening the Burj al Arab truly comes alive with brilliantly choreographed color sculptures...
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Ski Dubai, Ski trip to dubai, snowboard in dubai
  • Ski Dubai
  • The incredible Ski Dubai is the very first indoor ski resort in the United Arab Emirates and offers winter sports activities for everyone in the family. This innovative facility offers a landscape covered with 22,500 square meters of real snow the year round. The Ski Dubai building is 25 stories tall and offers skiing, tobogganing, snowboarding, and a snow park for all kinds of winter play. This ski haven in the Arabian Desert...
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